Belarus – Czech Republic. World Championship

In the framework of the World Championships, teams from Belarus and the Czech Republic will meet. Belarusians at the moment no winnings. How can they surprise their opponent in the upcoming fight?

Belarus - Czech Republic

Belarus before the match with the Czech Republic has in its credit zero points and the worst score scored / missed washers in group A: 4-22. As you know, after the defeat from Russia with a score 0: 6, the team left the head coach Dave Lewis and his place was taken by Sergei Pushkov. Of course, such an act on the part of the mentor left an imprint on the game of the Belarusians. In the next match against the Swiss they were routed with a score of 2:5, while leading the match 2:1. The team had the opportunity to distinguish four times in most, but none of the attempts it did not take advantage of.

The Czech Republic did not perform well in this tournament before the match with the Russians. Yes, and it is understandable, since the composition of the current team is far from optimal. She managed with great difficulty to beat in the starting match of the Slovaks (3:2), and in the next Czechs could not demonstrate a clear game with the Swedes – 2:3. Also managed to avoid shame in a duel with the Swiss, where the only bullet sold Michal Rzhepik. However, as the match with Russia showed, the Czechs can equally resist with a high-level rival. Losing in the score 0:1, thanks to the actions of David Kreichi and Dmitry Yashkin managed to come forward and after a draw in regular time to win the victory in overtime – a double made David Pastrnyak.

  • Czech Republic has never lost to the national team of Belarus
  • Belarus lost in the last nine games out of ten

Of course, the Czechs showed unimportant hockey at the beginning of the championship, but in a meeting with the Russians there was a completely different game. And comparing them with Belarus and taking into account the importance of each point for them, we can confidently say that they will not give this match. Also, unlike the Czech Republic, the Belarusians lost in meetings with the outsiders of the tournament, and the team of Josef Yandach, although not without difficulty, managed to overcome Slovakia and Switzerland.

Our predictions: Czech Republic win

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