Bets on Formula 1: British Grand Prix

British Grand Prix Formula One
Formula 1: British Grand Prix. Predictions of races Formula 1. Online rates – reliable rates on Formula 1. I have not made bets on Formula 1 races for a long time, although I watch them regularly. Interested in comparing the odds for the winner in different bookmakers; to my surprise the bet on the winner of the races is higher in the online toto “Pinnacle”, for example:

Lewis Hamilton – 1.82
Sebastian Vettel – 3.70
Valteri Bottas – 5.80
Max Verstappen – 22.14
Daniel Rikyardo – 22.14
Kimi Raikkonen – 17.93

Also I was interested in the bet that Max Verstappen will get on the podium – the coefficient of such a bet is 2.50

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