Betting on football. 2018 World Cup. June 24

world cup betting odds 24 june
Prediction of the match England – Panama

Bookmakers in this meeting do not doubt the victory of the team of England. Thus, the victory of the British can be placed with a coefficient of 1.20. For a draw, bookmakers give a coefficient of 6.00, and for the victory of the Panamanian national team – the coefficient is 19.00. After the first round, England scored three points, while Panama closes the standings. Predictions for the match England – Panama. The level of the English is much higher than that of the opponent. They have young players who run and play. Therefore, no chance for Panama. What are the advantages of England? Well, first, because it’s England. Secondly, they have such players who alone solve all the problems. It will be interesting to look at the England national team against Panama. I think England will win. The question is with which account. Football players from England have now gained momentum, and I think they will be very easy to deal with opponents.

Match forecast for Japan – Senegal

The Japanese were a little lucky in my opinion, playing with Colombia, which removed the player. Everything happened at the beginning of the game and therefore it was extremely difficult for the Colombians to show their strengths in the game. But Senegal is magnificent, aimed at someone else’s gates, they have no problems with implementation. I think that the Senegal national team will leave the band, they are simply obligated and therefore certainly will not yield to the Japanese and will try in this game to solve all the questions of the winner. The team from Africa is good at attacking. The last match against South Korea it showed. And in general their team attacking the plan. Manet and Niang are very good and therefore they can take advantage of the moment and score.

Prediction of match Poland – Colombia

Losers of the first round. I did not expect these defeats at all. They were surprised. I can still understand the Colombians. It’s hard to play almost a whole match with ten men in the heat. Themselves are to blame, but tried, played, and still missed the end with the standard. But now there is a chance to return. This is a life match for Poland and Colombia. The Poles did not like at all. Senegalese ate them. And the Poland themselves did not play the game at all. Lewandowski tightly held, did not give anything to do. In general, he ran away idly. And no one else took it upon himself. Even the balls were foolish. Poland itself scored when everything was decided. In this game I prefer Colombia. I do not think there will be a second incident with removal here. And the game they look much more interesting than Poland. Hams this time from the first minutes will play. We need to rehabilitate Colombia. And for this she has the resources, I think. I bet on the victory of the South American team. Closing the second round of group confrontations of the World Cup will be a match between Poland and Colombia. Opponents met in 2006, and then the Colombians were stronger 2:1. What will the Poles answer in the coming confrontation? The Poles grieved over their first game, because they lost to Senegal 1:2. The fact is that Navalki football players for some reason did not show themselves even half of their abilities. In addition, the Poland have great problems in terms of defense. Colombians grieved over their playing with the Japanese, and also suffered a 1:2 defeat. Team Pekerman could not show its maximum, because played an incomplete composition almost from the very beginning of the game. Also, one can not help but ignore the fact that Hames did not get in shape.

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