Anaheim – Vancouver online hockey betting

Ice hockey betting – Anaheim Ducks / Vancouver Canucks

If you started to bet on hockey, but constantly fail, then you did not go to this portal. After all, we have predictions for all NHL matches, which were compiled by the world’s best forecasters.
Since 1993, the collectives have conducted 109 full-time battles. Anaheim Ducks won in 51 games, the Vancouver Canucks won in 49 fights, and 9 times the strength was on a par.

Anaheim - Vancouver online hockey betting

Anaheim played 70 times, and got 80 points. At this stage of the regular season, the club is ranked 9th in the West. Anaheim Ducks overcame opponents resistance in 34 games, and in 36 battles the club failed. In the last three battles, Anaheim lost to Nashville 2:4, Dallas 1:2 and St. Louis 2:4.

Vancouver earned 59 points in 70 games. But this indicator allowed the team to occupy only the fourteenth place in the West. Vancouver Canucks proved to be stronger than the opponent in 25 games, and in 45 battles the club lost. In the last four meetings Vancouver lost to Arizona 1:2, 0:1, Minnesota 2: 5, and Los Angeles 0:3.
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Forecast: Anaheim Ducks win

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