Chicago Blackhawks – St Louis Blues: hockey bets

Hockey betting Chicago Blackhawks / St Louis Blues.

If you have not thought about the fact that it’s possible to earn decent hockey rates, now is the time to think about it. After all, there are quite a few NHL games ahead. So hurry up to make your bets on hockey.
Since 1967, clubs have played in one arena 370 times. Chicago Blackhawks won in 182 games, St Louis Blues won in 153 meetings, and 35 bouts were completed with an equal score.

Hockey betting Chicago Blackhawks St Louis Blues

Chicago Blackhawks held 71 meetings this season, which scored 68 points. And this is only the twelfth line in the West. Chicago Blackhawks play disgustingly compared to previous championships. The club was able to beat the opponent only in 30 battles, and in 41 games the team lost to the opponent. In the last fight, the team lost to Winnipeg 2:6.

St Louis Blues is located on the 11th position of the Western Conference standings. The club was able to defeat the enemy in 37 battles, and in 33 games the club failed. As a result, St Louis Blues scored 79 points in 70 games. In the last five battles, St. Louis defeated Los Angeles 7:2 and Anaheim 4-2, but failed with Dallas 2:3, San Jose 0:2 and Colorado 1:4.

Our bid: total under 5.5

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