Correct analysis of bets on football

analysis of bets on football

Football game of millions, fully justifies itself, especially when you look through the statistics of bookmakers, where most betters bet on football. Sports betting: Correct analysis of the betting on football Many players do not impede themselves by a detailed analysis of the matches they put their money on, hoping that by coming to their favorite betting point they will be able to choose the necessary or liked football matches in conversation with the same players. Or option when a person is registered in sports forums or websites, looking for information from “homegrown” specialists and puts them at their suggestion and inspiration. This is the way to nowhere. In such cases, the bettor will not get any money, nor pleasure from the game, but only spoiled nerves and an empty wallet (and this at best). Approaching the analysis of football matches, you should have several qualities that are necessary for a successful better:

  • Time. Analyze and collect information, the process is not fast, sometimes you need to prepare ahead of time, evaluating, comparing and filtering the necessary data about future matches.
  • Knowledge. Football, like any team game, requires not only superficial knowledge of the rules and names of teams. The subtleties of the game should be understood, be able and use them to your advantage.
  • Luck. Of course, many will argue that they say, it means luck, today there is a fart, and tomorrow it does not. But! Sometimes, even in the most obvious outcomes of a football match, you should turn off logic and connect intuition. Sometimes it comes absolutely unexpectedly and the player simply knows that it is necessary to put it exactly like this, but not otherwise, but it is not necessary to rely on it, not always the intuition works.

Considering what should be analyzed in football matches, the better should remember where to start and what to look for. Here are a few key factors that should be present in the analysis of football matches:

  • Tournament tasks of the team and a place in the tournament. If the player plans to put on the team in the middle of the season – the tournament position of the team itself will indicate the necessary information. At the beginning of the season, football teams have not yet gained a turn, Old should be taken from official sources, which in the person of the coach or the president of the team will indicate the necessary information. In any case, you should pay attention to the tasks that the team faces, in how many tournaments it takes part and what results it shows.
  • Team motivation. The factor is very important, in no case should it be underestimated. More than once already outspoken outsider bones lay down to take away important points from the team from the leading group. In addition to various official bonuses, there are also no official bonuses for the team against the nearest rival of one of the leaders, so if a leader and an outsider meet in a match, both teams need to wait for the felling, and not the fact that the favorite will be the winner.
  • Principle of the fight. The so-called “derby” is a fundamental match between football teams from one city or region. Or if rivals for historical (or political) reasons have become principled enemies – this is another layer of matches, which in any case should not be ignored and carefully monitor such matches.
  • Command. Information about the team and internal problems sooner or later falls on the Internet or the press. The physical condition of the players, the presence of conflicts, problems with funding, quarrels between the management and the coach, players and the coach, the “stars” and the rest of the team – can be directly displayed on the team’s game.
  • Tournament schedule of football teams. The championship of the football country is a long tournament, some teams speed up their physical form in order to score more points in a certain period (if they participate in Eurocups successfully play in the tournament), some coaches gradually bring their charges to the peak of the form, but everyone, even superclubs, which have two bench benches, there are recessions.
  • Judging. It’s no secret that some judges sympathize with one or another football club, and others are judged stricter and do not stint on cards. The player should carefully look at the manner of refereeing individual arbiters, especially if the better is going to bet on the number of yellow cards in the match and whether the match is a red card or not.
  • Weather. Yes, and this factor can be decisive in a football match, especially if teams of different classes play. A viscous lawn due to rain, precipitation that go during the match, suffocating heat – affect the total may at least, and maybe become a harbinger of the sensation.

It will take a lot of effort from the bettor to properly analyze the match, but he puts his money and does not need to feed the office, bookmakers and so not poor people.

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