Football betting: 15.06.2018

football bets 15 june
Egypt / Uruguay

The teams of Egypt and Uruguay will begin their way at the World Cup-2018 match in Yekaterinburg. According to the bookmakers, Uruguay has more chances to successfully start the world championship. To win the Uruguay team can be put with a coefficient of 1.58. At the same time, the success of Egypt is estimated by the coefficient of 7.00, and the draw result – the coefficient of 3.65

Morocco / Iran

According to the bookmakers, there is more chance of a successful start to the world championship for the team from Africa. To win the Moroccan team can be put with a coefficient of 2.20. At the same time, the success of Iran bookmakers offered a coefficient of 3.75, and a draw result – a coefficient of 3.00

Portugal / Spain

According to the bookmakers, the favorite of the confrontation of the grandees of world football is the team of Spain. The win of the Spain can be placed with a coefficient of 2.10. The victory of the current champion of Europe is estimated by the quotation of 3.95, and for a draw result the coefficient 3.10
Of course, it’s bad that such strong teams meet in the first match. The fact is that Portugal hardly has arguments against Spain. Today’s Portuguese national team is yielding to itself a still recent sample of past years in all components: they interact more slowly, the number of individually strong players using dribbling has decreased. Unless in the defensive actions there has been progress: this is one of the few components of the game where Portugal began to look stronger than it was. But there are still no arguments against the Spaniards, because the strongest players are gathered in their team. On the Russian mundiale there are a lot of strong teams, but, I believe, it is Spain that excels them all, primarily in the speed of decision-making. Such a team, which also thinks quickly, is no more. This is a decisive factor. In addition, as part of the “red fury” leaders, winners by nature, holders of the Champions League Cup are people who have a victorious mentality. All this together will guarantee them success. Yes, now there was an incident in the form of dismissal of Khulen Lopetega the day before the start of the World Cup. But I believe that this will not affect the prospects of the team in this match and the world championship as a whole.

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