Hockey betting odds Florida – Montreal

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Since 1993, clubs have managed to compete in one arena 93 times. Florida Panthers won in 43 games, Montreal Canadiens won in 44 battles, and 6 times the strength was on a par.

florida montreal betting odds

Florida held 64 meetings, and earned 71 points. With this indicator, the cube took 9th place in the East. “Panthers” outplayed the enemy in 32 games, and in 32 meetings they lost. In the last meeting, Florida could not cope with Tampa Bay in overtime 4:5.

Montreal received 61 points in 66 battles. The club was able to outplay the enemy in 255 games, and in 41 games the club lost. In the last five meetings, Montreal beat the Islanders 3:1 and 6:3, but was weaker than Philadelphia 0:1, Boston 1:2 and New Jersey 4:6. At the opponent’s goal, the team scored 171 goals, and could not repel 206 goals.

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