Hockey betting Vancouver – Arizona

If you want to bet on hockey, but do not know where to start, then it’s best to visit our portal. After all, with us you will be much easier to make any bets. We also have forecasts for almost all NHL fights. Since 1996, clubs have been able to play 83 times among themselves. Vancouver Canucks won in 47 games, Arizona Coyotes won in 32 games, and 4 times the strength was on a par.

Vancouver played in 66 games, and scored just 59 points. And this is the fourteenth place in the West. The team defeated the opponent in 25 games, and in 41 games the club failed. In the last five meetings Vancouver defeated Arizona 3:1 and Islanders 4:3, but lost to Colorado 1:3, Rangers 5:6 and Nashville 3:4.

Arizona played in 65 games, and scored just 51 points. The team is still on the last line in the West. “Coyotes” outplayed opponents in 20 games, and in 45 games the club lost. In the final meeting, Arizona could not beat Edmonton in overtime 3:4. On the guest platform Arizona played 31 times, and earned 23 points.

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