Los Angeles Kings – Vancouver Canucks betting odds

Los Angeles – Vancouver betting odds

If you started betting on hockey, just recently, then you should be careful. After all, many scammers have appeared. And to get into their hands, you must visit our website. Since 1970, clubs have held 277 face-to-face meetings in one arena. Los Angeles Kings won in 124 games, the Vancouver Canucks became a triumphant in 121 meetings, and 32 times the strength was on a par.

Los Angeles - Vancouver betting odds

Los Angeles in 68 battles earned 79 points. With this indicator the club is located on the 9th line in the West. “Crowns” defeated the enemy in 37 meetings, and in 31 games the team lost. In five extreme games, Los Angeles lost to Chicago 3:5 and St. Louis 2:7, but overcame Vegas 4:1, Columbus 5:2, Washington 3:1.

Vancouver is located at the fourteenth position in the West. “Killer whales” proved to be stronger than the opponent in 25 games, and in 43 meetings the club lost. In the last five battles, Vancouver was unable to defeat the Rangers 5:6, Nashville 3:4, Arizona 1:2 and Minnesota 2:5, but overcame the Islanders 4:3.

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