How to correctly bet on sports

sports betting onlineThe correct game on sports betting involves a thorough analysis of the situation on the sports and betting market. You need to know who to bet on, how and when to bet, to have an idea of ​​existing strategies and bookmakers. For example, almost everyone has a favorite sport. People watch competitions, root for favorite teams, scroll through possible outcomes of fights. If you regularly watch TV, analyze what is happening on the sports ground and draw conclusions, you can make good money on the stakes. In many matches and competitions in advance are known an outsider and a favorite. One team has a better chance of winning than the other. Less common are situations where the chances of the teams are equal. The benchmark can serve as the calculations of bookmakers: the team for which the low odds are set, has the greatest chance of winning. From our article you will learn how to learn how to bet on sports through the Internet and to win good money on sweepstakes. In particular, the following issues are considered:

  • Principle of bookmakers and sweepstakes
  • Types of sports betting
  • Can I make money on betting?
  • Bets from mobile devices
  • Sports betting strategies
  • Important tips for beginners
  • Choose a bookmaker
  • Bonuses: how to make sport bets without attachments
  • Answers to popular questions of beginners

In addition, we will discuss the main questions asked by betting beginners and experienced players. All questions are answered in full and explained.

What is sports betting

Long before the bookmakers appeared, people bet. In ancient Greece were the Olympic Games, restored in the late 19th century. In ancient Rome – gladiatorial fights and other similar competitions. Already in those days there were some prototypes of the current bookmakers. There were no coefficients yet and detailed painting, but people actively bet, and sometimes they became rich. In modern form, bookmaking originated in the 20th century in the UK. At the moment, the game at the rates can be compared with the usual investment on the stock exchange. In both cases, a thorough analysis of the situation is required, a bank that can be posted. There is also a certain probability of failure – players on the stock exchange and sports betting odds of winning and losing are roughly equal. To start betting online, you need to register in one of the bookmakers on the Internet. You can choose the right company from our top-10 rating. On what to pay attention to when choosing an office, we’ll tell you later. Just do not rush to register immediately on the bookmaker’s site and bet on all sorts of sports outcomes. To become a professional player on betting odds, it is necessary not only to understand the chosen sport discipline and many nuances of the world of betting, but also to know the mathematics, including the probability theory and mathematical statistics, to study the work of bookmakers, to learn how the coefficients are formed and the profit is calculated.

Bookmakers and sweepstakes: definition, working principle, similarities and differences

For several millennia people are attracted by excitement, danger, rates. The prototypes of modern sweepstakes existed already in antiquity, when people bets on the outcome of the gladiatorial battle. People were ready to bet on the victory of the chosen athlete, and they needed someone who would raise money and distribute them among the winners. So there were the first sweepstakes and bookmakers. Today, the popularity of bookmakers is at its peak. The development of Internet technologies has attracted millions of new customers who can bet without getting up from the table, while watching the state of affairs in the sports arena and choosing the best offers from the largest bookmakers. Let’s analyze in more detail the principle of the work of betting and bookmakers, their features and differences.

Who is the bookie?

A bookmaker is called a company that concludes with customers a bet on various events. In theory, you can bet on anything – presidential elections, events of culture and art. However, in most cases, users bet on various sports events – football and hockey matches, boxing matches, horse racing, etc. The principle of bookmakers is very simple: a person turns to the company in order to put some amount on a certain outcome of a sporting event. Bookmaker gives him this opportunity. If the client guesses the correct outcome of the event, he is paid the amount of the bet and some profit, according to the chosen coefficient. If the outcome is determined is not true, money is not returned to the client. The founder of the modern bookmaker is considered to be the French entrepreneur Pierre Olera. In the 19th century, he rented a small room on the racetrack and produced advertising to attract people wishing to bet. A few years later, similar offices appeared in England – and to this day English bookmakers are considered the most reliable.

The essence of bookmakers

The main principle of bookmakers is this: the player is confident in the outcome of a certain event, and is ready to make a bet on this. It is registered on the bookmaker’s website or comes to a stationary office and draws up a bet. If the outcome is determined correctly, the client again turns to the same office and receives the money won. If the outcome is incorrect, the client does not receive anything. The customer’s winnings depend on the betting odds. When calculating this figure, the office analyzes the possibility of winning one of the opponents in the match. To find out the amount you get in case of a win, multiply your bet by a coefficient.

For example, if you bet $ 1000 with a coefficient of 1.56, if you win your game account, $1560 will be credited.

What is a tote?

A sweepstake is, more often than not, a specialized office that deals with horse races. The winnings are affected by the previously unknown coefficients, and the collected bank. In addition, a tote is often called a specialized device, indicating the place of each horse in the race. Sport sweepstakes are single, double, triple. Bets are accepted for the horse, which finishes the first, second, third. After the end of the races, part of the bank of the sweepstakes is sent to the racecourse as a payment for the right to conduct, some take away (the margin), the remaining amount is distributed among the winning players.

Differences between the tote and the bookmaker

Based on the information previously offered, you can identify several major differences between bookmakers and sweepstakes:

  • Specialization. Sweepstakes work with a certain sport, most often with jumps. Bookmakers are limited only by their own imagination and the capabilities of the analytical department.
  • Bookmaker in advance calculates and spreads the game coefficients. There is no such indicator in the totalizator.
  • In the bookmaker’s office, a player can determine in advance the amount of money he will receive with a correctly guessed outcome. In the tote, the player’s income depends on the total amount of bets and the contribution of each individual winner.

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