How to win at the bookmaker

How to win at the bookmakerBeginners often think that there can be only one bet – the winner of the match. Therefore, they are lost when they see the extensive lines offered by major bookmakers. And ultimately put the winner of the competition. According to other players, it’s enough to have a certain bank and bet with the maximum odds. After a while the bank ends. In the global network, you can see hundreds of different techniques and strategies. They differ in the size of the bankroll, the size of the minimum and maximum rates, the size of the potential profit. From hundreds of strategies, you can select a dozen of proven and reliable, using which you can save and multiply your gaming bank. It should be borne in mind that no single strategy can guarantee 100% success. In sports there is always a place for surprises and sensations, contract matches and unsuccessful performances. Today’s favorite can be overwhelmed next season, and some dark horse gets ahead and takes the main prize. If any strategy guaranteed a complete lack of failure, after a while it would be used by all players, and the bookmakers would simply close. Most strategies are long-term and are aimed at making a profit in some perspective. The main condition is to keep cool, analyze the situation and follow the chosen strategy. Let’s analyze some strategies in more detail. All schemes can be conditionally divided into two big categories – gaming and financial. Each category has its own characteristics and presents a number of requirements to the players.

Game strategies in sports betting

These strategies imply that the player must select certain sports disciplines, events, outcomes and odds. The main drawback of most novice players is the inability to work for the future. They believe that if they won a couple of times here and now, they will win constantly. According to experts, it is better to use the betting strategy, which will bring a beginner-handicapper to professional players.

Among the main game schemes and strategies:

  • Classic analysis of a sporting event. Regardless of the coefficients, it is necessary to conduct your own analysis of the situation on the sports ground. Each team can have periods when it wins or loses a dozen matches in a row, this must be taken into account when calculating the probability.
  • Bets on undervalued and overvalued activities. The player analyzes the situation and determines the outcomes to which the bookmakers expose unreasonably high coefficients. Most often these are long-term bets, for example, the outcome of the championship. Bookmakers can put on one of the teams high odds, because they are sure that this outcome is impossible. If the player thinks that in the future this bet can play and give some profit, he can do it. However, finding a bet that bookmakers underestimate is not so simple: it is necessary to conduct your own analytical work and calculate the probabilities of all possible outcomes.

Let’s consider a simple example:
Suppose a player tracks all football matches in which the conditional club “Barcelona” participates. This club is considered by most players and bookmakers to be an unequivocal favorite of any game, therefore bets are accepted basically for its victory on minimum coefficients. In this case, the odds for winning his opponent can be quite large. The essence of betting on an underestimated event is as follows: you should bet not on “Barcelona”, but on his opponent. Coefficients can differ by several times, and in the event of the slightest oversight of the leader, the player can return all the money that was previously lost. Bets on undervalued events are designed for a long-term perspective: no one knows at what point the favorite can give way. Because it is necessary to be patient.

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