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Popular betting oddsMost beginners who are interested in the world of betting for the first time think that there are only two possible outcomes – the victory of the first or second side. Less often, they add a draw. On closer examination, it turns out that the number of outcomes that leading bookmakers offer can go up to several hundred. A selection of all possible outcomes is a bookmaker line. A good line allows experienced handicappers to create more interesting game strategies and receive a steady income from sports betting.
We will analyze several basic types of rates, equally interesting for beginners, and for experienced players.

The outcome of the match

The first and most common rate is taken on the outcome of the sporting event. The player must guess one of three possible outcomes: the victory of the first team (W1), the draw (X) or the victory of the second team (W2).

Double chance

This type of bet directly comes from the bet on the outcome of the match. In this case, bookmakers suggest combining two of the three possible outcomes. It should be borne in mind that if the sports discipline does not involve an outcome in the form of a draw, there is no such rate.

Within the “double chance” you can conclude the following wagers:

  • Winning any team or contestant (12)
  • Leadership of the first team or draw (1X)
  • Winning the second team or a draw (X2)


Betting type totals are most often used in football or hockey. To make a bet, you need to know how many goals can be scored during the match.

  • Total is more (Over) – this is the bet that the match will be scored more than a certain number of goals or goals. For example, if you bet on a total greater than 3.5 (Over 3.5), you need to win four opponents or more to win.
  • Total is less (Under) – bet on the fact that the match will be scored less than a certain number of goals. For example, the total is less than 3.5 (Under 3.5) means that opponents must not score more than three goals to each other.


Often, one of the competitors is much superior to the other in the experience and class of the game. To win the second opponent, people do not want to bet. To slightly balance the situation, bookmakers offer to put on the edge. Let us give an example. On ice there are hockey teams of Russia and Italy. The coefficient for the victory of Russia is just above unity, the coefficient for the victory of Italy tends to a three-digit figure. There is no sense in such rates. We’re looking at odds. On the victory of the Russian team is offered a handicap H (-3). That is, hockey players must win with the advantage of more than three goals. The coefficient is already closer to adequate indicators – 1.50. For the Italian team is offered a different handicap: H (+3). That is, she should not lose more than three goals.

Exact score

Predict the exact score of the match is almost impossible. The strongest athlete can get injured at the beginning of the game and retire. The strongest goalkeeper can skip a dozen goals, because “sometimes it happens”. However, if the player guesses the exact score of the match, he can break a good jackpot. With regard to football or hockey, “accurate score” means the number of goals that teams will score to each other. In other disciplines, there may be other similar indicators. Coefficients on the “exact account” start from 3.0 and can go up to two-digit numbers.


Bet on the outcome of the inning and the outcome of the match. The team can win in the first half and in the whole game. To predict or to guess such an outcome is much more difficult than the usual result of the match, therefore the bookmaker coefficients are quite large. It should be borne in mind that some teams “merge” the first round, then gain momentum and win the match with a solid separation from the opponent. The opponent, after the first round, can not even get to the gate.

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