Types of sports betting: betting on total

For those who do not know what total is or can not figure it out, does not know where to bet on the total, in which bookmaker’s office the best odds, we still explain that the total in the world of bookmakers is the number of points scored or balls scored for the match. Bets on total are included in the list of the main, those that are most often used by players. They are put as single, and in systems, expresses and other types of cards. Total can be not only general, but also individual. General totals offer for all kinds of events, including: hockey, basketball, football, tennis and so on. But the individual BC is not always decided. As a rule, tennis is given on rare occasions and this already makes you think. On the total, there is always a great variety, that is, the bookmaker offers not only an average figure that may or may not play in a match, but also overestimated or understated, with a corresponding decrease and increase in the coefficients. This is a good opportunity to catch a rather high ratio for those who could qualitatively analyze the match and win from the express to those who are still poorly versed in the features of the betting world. Individual totals are always given a coefficient higher than the total, because the player counts on the strength and form of only one team, and this usually creates small difficulties during the game. Individual total on the player is given not only in tennis, but also in basketball. These are two kinds of sport, where you no longer have to count on a team, but on a specific person. In tennis, the athlete must score points for the games he has taken, and in basketball, fill the balls with enough balls in the basket.

How correctly to put on totals?

If we are talking about a simple total, not Asian, then it’s not so difficult to play. As a rule, BC offers you a choice of 1 to N-number of balls, points, pucks. If an integer is selected in the map, for example, 2 is more, then the team or player must break a minimum of 3, if exactly 2, this is the flow, that is, the coefficient becomes 1, which is not always beneficial to the player. Total 2.5 more requires also 3 goals scored, but if only 2 are scored, then this is a loss. The same, but on the contrary will be at the rate of a total less. If we have 2 less, we must score no more than 1, if 2 is the expense, the rest is a loss. With a bet of 2.5 less than all, less than 3 is a win, the rest is a loss.

Asian Total

With the Asian total, everything looks a little different, here the system is more complicated and it’s not always easy to understand from the first. Here, the player is offered to put not only on 1, 1.5 2, but also at 1.25, 1.75.

The easiest way to consider such bets on examples, in its quality take Barcelona – Juventus with a total of 2.75 and the amount of a bet of $ 50. If we put this coefficient, the bookmaker will break our bet by two possible outcomes, namely: the total is more than 2.5 for $ 25 and the total is exactly 3 for the same amount. if they score 4 and above both bets will play, which means that we will get a win for $ 50, but if only three balls are in the match, then it will play only 2.5 more and one expense will be, which means 25 will be returned to us and 25 multiplied by coefficient.

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