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football bettingFor the first sports betting, which the beginner does in the bookmaker office, football is perfect. This kind of sport most know from childhood, the rules of the game are not difficult, leading players and teams periodically flash on the Internet and on TV. Football matches are periodically broadcast on sports channels, those who wish can get to the competition and personally evaluate all that is happening. Thanks to the popularity of football, almost every major competition can find comprehensive information on the global network. Those who wish can find even actual sports forecasts from experienced professionals. When planning a bet, do not forget: football is a team sport, and the result of a fight depends on each athlete individually and the whole team as a whole. If the main goalkeeper gets injured and can not participate in the match, even a star team can lose to an outsider. But he can win, if he pre-bothers about a worthy replacement. The outcome of a football match can be affected by many small factors: the condition of grass on the field, the rain that passed the day before, scandals and investigations related to athletes or coaches. An important factor is whether the match for the team is visiting, or passes at the home stadium, where players are familiar with every millimeter. In planning sports betting, you should not rely solely on flair, luck and sleep, which I dreamed two days ago. Do not rely solely on the coefficients developed by the analysts of the chosen bookmaker’s office: they are also people and can be mistaken. Moreover, it is not always possible to define an unequivocal leader of the match.

If you want to make reliable predictions for football, use in your work a few simple tips:

  • Never bet on your favorite team. It is these rates that are a source of constant income for bookmakers. All people, and handicappers are no exception, tend to overestimate the strength of the team for which they are ill, and underestimate the strength of the enemy. Accordingly, the player will evaluate all events that can affect the outcome of the match, in favor of his team.
  • Do not spray. Some beginner handicappers bet on all sports disciplines and competitions that the bookmaker offers. Decide on the discipline in which you understand and can conduct your own analysis, select several teams and competitions. This will allow you to concentrate on trifles, not to miss any events, to thoroughly study the features of the chosen league and the capabilities of the teams, to identify middle peasants, outsiders and winners.
  • Do not mess with the decisive matches and finals of major competitions. It’s not a rule, it’s advice. If one of the teams gets an unequivocal advantage in case of a victory, do not bet. Similarly with the final duels and matches. To such competitions, bookmaker offices come with special care, calculate all possible options, clinging to the smallest details. As a result, the meeting favorite receives the minimum coefficient (for example, 1.01), and the outsider – the maximum (for example, 22.00). Of course, it happens that the outsider wins the leader, but this happens very rarely.
  • Control emotions. Take your time, weigh all available information, filter out the excess and draw a conclusion. After that, place a bet in accordance with the chosen strategy. Do not bet more than 2-5 percent of the bankroll. After the conclusion of the bet, the more you should not worry: you will not be able to influence anything in any way, and the outcome of the match can change in the last seconds.
  • Pay attention to the coefficients. The lower the multiplier, the more likely the outcome is. Beginners are advised to bet on events with small odds. The profit will be small, but more likely than if you put on a big kef. Experienced handicapers compare the odds of several bookmakers, choose the best option and make a bet.

The above tips will be especially useful for novice players, but experienced handicappers are also useful to refresh them in memory.

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