World Cup 2018: football world cup prediction

2018 football world cup predictionThe World Cup in Russia takes only a few days, and 32 countries hope to raise the trophy in Moscow on July 15. Some teams fail at the first obstacle, while others adhere to more positive expectations, reaching the last stages. Groups mean that in the early stages we will see some very exciting encounters, and in the 16th round some intriguing connections are arranged. The world ranking of FIFA favors Germany and Brazil, but other countries have players in uniform who steal headlines in the best domestic leagues around the world. Which groups? Which of the favorites? How does the flagship competition of FIFA work? What are the best odds for betting? What is the prognosis for the winner? We conducted an analysis.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Groups

After challenging the qualifying campaigns, the best countries in the world were entitled to the group stage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. What were the jokes? Which of the favorites will finish at the top of their group? Finish the second? Who will bet on this initial stage? We give you our advice.

Group A – Russia, Egypt, Uruguay, Saudi Arabia
russia football team

Stage of elimination: quarter-finals (odds: 7.50)

The talented Salah will be the star of the show for Egypt, enjoying a terrific season in the Premier League. The Egyptians are likely to compete with Russia for second place, but I will return them to progress, given the talent they possess. After a second, they will match the winner of Group B, it is likely to be Spain – this is when their journey to the World Cup can end.

Stage of elimination: quarter-finals (odds: 2.80)

They can be masters, but Russia will have a difficult time in Group A. Russia ranks 66th in the FIFA World Ranking, 20 places below its most likely competitors in Egypt. The detachment is mainly based in Russia, and they do not have a “star” player to the level of Uruguay and Egypt. The third place in group A seems decent enough, as it is enough to defeat Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia
Stage of elimination: quarter-finals (odds: 41.00)

They are the lowest team in the tournament, and their journey to the World Cup should not last long. Saudi Arabia is a 2000/1 blow to win the tournament, and a huge 9/1 to advance from its group. Substituting them to pick up points in their group seems like a good position in 7/4.

Stage of elimination: quarter-finals (odds: 1.75)

Uruguay enough to win the “Group A”, and I would like to support them to see the European champions in Portugal during the round of the 16th round. This puts them against France in the quarterfinals, but I would like Les Bleus to get to the last stages of the competition by looking at his team. The price in Uruguay, which will be knocked out in the quarterfinals, is 3.50, which looks potentially generous when you explore their likely route.

Group B – Spain, Portugal, Iran, Morocco
football world cup group b

This second group is undoubtedly one of the highest of the competition. Spain, the world champions in 2010 and favorites for the final victory in the round of 16th. For Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo, champions of Europe, they will also become a big engine of the World Cup and will be considered for your predictions. Morocco, trained by the Frenchman Herve Renard and Iran, will get a chance to win the second round. Not surprisingly, in this second group the chances are not very interesting. According to the bookmakers, on paper, the Spanish Sergio Ramos and Portugal Ronaldo are certainly favorites, far ahead of Morocco and Iran. If we advised you advice for this group, the first place in Spain would be our number one choice.

Stage of elimination: fourth in Group B (odds: 31.00)

It looks pretty obvious who will go through in Group B, which leaves Morocco and Iran battling it out to avoid finishing bottom. It’ll be a close one, with the winner of the game between the two coming out on top. Backing Iran to finish bottom is just a shade of odds-on, which seems about right given how close these two are in terms of ability. They’re given the narrow vote for the wooden spoon.

Stage of elimination: third in Group B (odds: 16.00)

As mentioned above, Portugal and Spain should progress with Morocco looking to avoid bottom spot. There’s 6/4 available on them finishing third in the group, which they are likely to do if they get the better of Iran in the first game in this group.

Stage of elimination: round of 16 (odds: 3.10)

Portugal will most likely finish runners-up to Spain in Group B, and they’ll potentially meet Uruguay in the following round. I’m backing Uruguay to progress and reach the quarter-final stage in what would be a highly entertaining game. This gives odds of 2/1 available on Portugal to crash out at the last-16 stage, that price looks good as long as Uruguay win their group and Spain pip their rivals to top spot.

Stage of elimination: half-finals (odds: 1.50)

Spain are my bet to win Group B, and should be able to see off a meeting with Egypt in the round of 16. That would mean a likely clash with Argentina, who have an incredible wealth of talent, just like Spain. It’d be a close encounter which could go either way but I’ll give the edge to Argentina in what could be Lionel Messi’s swansong.

Group C – France, Denmark, Australia, Peru
football world cup group c

Group C is one that will interest primarily the French, since the French national team is in Denmark, Peru and Australia. The finalist of the last Euro and possessing exceptional talents, such as Antoine Grizmann, Kilian Mbappa or Paul Pogba, the tricolor group will also be one of the most watched in this world in 2018. Christian Eriksen from Denmark will not be easy to move, as we saw during the qualifying rounds. Australia and Peru will have a lot to qualify, as the two European countries are on paper. When we look at the odds, it will not be very interesting to predict the first place of blues in this group C. However it is much more clever to say that the statement about the qualification of Denmark will not be underestimated. Peru and Australia seem too low to try to get a big potential for making a profit.

Stage of elimination: Round of 16 (odds: 21.00)

Australia can be a bit of a dark horse in a group that is quite open in terms of who is second. That’s why the Australian 9/2 chances for a round of 16 elimination seem generous. The second place will finish the likely meeting with Argentina, which will be able to send. Part of the case for Australia refers to their manager. Bert Van Marwijk will lead them to Russia. The 65-year-old has a wealth of experience, primarily leading the Netherlands to the finals in 2010, where they lost to Spain. He took office in January after the resignation of Anja Posteoglou. Prior to Australia, he led Saudi Arabia to qualify, completing his 12-year absence at the World Cup.

Stage of elimination: third in Group C (odds: 5.25)

Group C is incredibly tough to demand qualification, but, as mentioned above, it seems to me that Australia is displeased. This means that Denmark and Peru will miss, and a meeting between them in the second game of this group can signal about who finishes the bottom.

Stage of elimination: fourth in Group C (odds: 11.00)

The same reasoning as above is a bit of a guessing game about who ends the bottom in this scenario. Nevertheless, I would like Denmark to hold a meeting with Peru in its meeting in Saransk.

Stage of elimination: semi-final (odds: 1.33)

Clear favorites to win group C, and they need to do this with a small problem. Probably they will play one of Nigeria, Croatia or Iceland in round 16, and they will be able to pass by. Then France could object to Uruguay. It would be a close game, but one that Les Bleus is able to overcome. Germany will be the likely option waiting for them in the semifinals, where it seems to me that their adventure in the World Cup is coming to an end.

Group D – Argentina, Croatia, Iceland, Nigeria
football world cup group d

This fourth group is homogeneous before the start of the competition. Argentina is the largest nation historically, but we will remember for a long time that Argentine difficulties can claim this World Championship in Russia. To be good, Lionel Messi and his teammates really should work in the spirit of the group. Group spirit, which is sure to become the main weapon of the Icelanders. A good surprise for the last euro, Iceland will play good chances on Russian lawns and it will be quite interesting to watch his first World. Croatia Luka Modric will, like Argentina, expect success, but she will need to improve the level of the game. Finally, Nigeria is one of the finest African countries in recent months, but must have some difficulties to accomplish when we look at the competition. Super-eagles are strong, but others seem a little stronger. It is difficult to solve this fourth group before the start of the competition. If Argentina must pass, another qualifying place will be more hesitant, since the three countries are capable of better and worse. A reliable forecast, apparently, is the first place of the Argentines, but our experts in the forecast will well assess the qualification of Iceland at the eighth. Endowed with the group spirit, so important in this great competition and accustomed, Sigurdsson and the company could create a feat at this first stage. It will be interesting.

Stage of elimination: semi-final (odds: 1.60)

Argentina is sent to Russia, hoping for a strong tournament with some talent, which they possess. They should not have problems with a victory in Group D, where they will meet a team, such as Australia, in round 16. This can create a fantastic encounter with Spain, and Argentina will be enough to defeat. Brazil will wait in the semifinals. The all-South American clash will be very interesting, but I would look at the team in yellow to be the one who makes the final.

Stage of elimination: third in Group D (odds: 3.25)

Similarly, Group C is incredibly open to those who can become second in Argentina in this group. Croatia will be a strong rival, and such as Luka Modric and Mario Mandzukich, will be key players for them in Russia. Their final game against Iceland may be the one that decides who passes, and I think Iceland will again exceed their outsider tags.

Stage of elimination: round of 16 (odds: 12.50)

It seems to me, Iceland, to match their status with the Euro 2016 and cause a few surprises, including progression from Group D. They reached the 22nd place in the FIFA World Ranking and beat Croatia in first place in the UEFA I group in qualifying. I think that they can again defeat Croatia, and the clash with France in the round of the 16th stage will end with an adventure for the World Cup.

Stage of elimination: fourth in Group D (odds: 12.50)

Iceland could steal a second in this group, that is, Croatia and Nigeria are fighting for third place. I will return Croatia to defeat Nigeria when they meet in Kaliningrad on June 16, which means that Nigeria needs to win over the first two in order to jump over Croatia. Support for Nigeria in 12.50 to complete the bottom of the group seems decent enough for this scenario.

Group E – Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia
football world cup group e

In the fifth pool of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, it is obvious that Brazil from Neimar will be the top favorite in the first place. Brazilians, of course, will be the most pleasant to see the game on the sites of Russia. In this group they will be the most anticipated. It is expected that for Selesao, Swiss Xherdan Shaqiri and Serbian Nemanja Matic, will compete for second place. Costa Rica Brian Ruiz will not be far behind, but too honest, given his lack of experience in major competitions. In this pool, the chances that are immediately evident are undoubtedly the qualification of the Swiss in round 16. Equipped with talented players such as Shakiri, Haka, Lichtsteiner or Birki, Nati should not be allowed to step on foot by Serbia and Costa Rica. Since Helvetia will first play in Brazil, they will nevertheless limit the gap to the average goal, which is so important sometimes. Because do not forget that in case of equality of points, the team that will have the best goal difference will have the right to participate.

Stage of elimination: runners-up (odds: 1.26)

They enter this world championship as joint favorites with Germany and will seek revenge after humiliation to death in 2014. I expect that Brazil in Germany will be the final of the World Cup in 2018, and once again I think that the Brazilians will fall short. It will be a very interesting match, if it is so, and although Brazil beat Germany in a friendly atmosphere, I would look at the Germans as a stronger of the two outfits. That’s why Brazil loses in the finals, looks like a fair value of 1.26, and Germany is available for the same price.

Costa Rica
Stage of elimination: fourth in Group E odds: 21.00)

Perhaps in 2014, Brazil experienced a disorder in Brazil, but I’m not sure that Costa Rica will be able to reproduce it here. They will need to compete with Brazil and Switzerland at the qualifying place, and Serbia will also come up with its chances of creating the two best. Costa Rica – 5/6 favorites to finish the bottom of your group, and I would look at Serbia and Switzerland to fight for it above the second.

Stage of elimination: third in Group E (odds: 8.50)

They will be closer to Switzerland, but in the end I think that Serbia will miss the spot in round 16. Nevertheless, they must finish over Costa Rica and finish third. The list of fixtures is not kind to them, and their last game against Brazil is a situation that can require them to win.

Stage of elimination: round of 16 (odds: 8.50)

Switzerland came to the World Cup as a strong European outfit, and should be able to finish runners in Brazil in Group E. They may have taken second place in the UEFA club quartet, but may consider themselves unbelievably unsuccessful given the fact that they won nine of their ten games and conceded to Portugal on goal difference. This puts them in a good place in Russia, but they will most likely meet Germany in the 16th round, which will be the end of their adventure for 2018.

Group F – Germany, Sweden, Mexico, South Korea
football world cup group f

Group F will be one of the Germans, the world champion by title and favorites, to proceed to the final coronation on July 15th. It’s obvious that Joachim Loew’s people on the betting sites will be very difficult in this group stage. Not surprisingly, if they finished with 9 glasses on the clock. Behind, he looks much more tense to claim a second ticket. Mexico Javier Hernandez will play on his offensive forces, while Sweden will rely heavily on his defense. Finally, South Korea will create a surprise, but it can be expensive to pay in case of erroneous actions in the first act against the Swedes. If you want our opinion, the rating for the first place in Germany is still considered the wisest in this group F. Although low, it will, however, almost certainly pass and can accompany other odds in the combined odd. Behind, the three teams are too close on paper to decide. In the worst case, the predictions of Mexican qualifications will be most interesting given the context.

Stage of elimination: winners (odds: 5.50)

Germany won the title back in 2014 and they come back as strong contenders to defend it in Russia. They may have lost a couple of key players since then, but the likes of Ilkay Gundogan, Leroy Sane and Timo Werner will go to Russia in terrific form after their domestic seasons. I fancy them to win it again, with a Germany v Brazil final – 11.00 with 888bet – a real possibility. They’ll have little trouble in Group F with the draw being kind to them in that respect, and they’ll have the strength to go the distance.

Stage of elimination: round of 16 (odds: 7.50)

It’s incredibly open when it comes to who will join Germany in the knockout stages, but Mexico could be the best bet to do just that. They sit 15th in the FIFA World Rankings and could capitalise on this opportunity to progress. Players such as Javier Hernandez and Raul Jimenez will provide goals up front, with Andres Guardado a stalwart in the midfield. There are odds of 15/8 available on them progressing and runners-up, with Brazil likely to eliminate them in the Round of 16.

South Korea
Stage of elimination: fourth in Group F (odds: 17.00)

South Korea line-up in Group F but may struggle to progress to the knockout stages. They’re 61st in the World Rankings and will find themselves as the bottom team in this one at even-money.

Stage of elimination: third in Group F (odds: 8.50)

It’s a tough one to call but Sweden could just miss out with Mexico advancing. They’ll have enough about them to avoid bottom spot, with the group suggesting that it will go down to the final game between Sweden and Mexico in Ekaterinburg on June 27. Both Sweden and Mexico are 15/8 to finish in third, but in this scenario, it will be Sweden missing out.

Group G – Belgium, England, Tunisia, Panama
football world cup group g

In this penultimate group, it is obvious that Belgium and England are declared qualified in advance. With men such as De Bruyne, Hazard, Courtois and Lukaku on the one hand, and the other viburnum Kane, Allie, Cahill and Dier, on the other hand, the Belgians and the English are not easy to knock down. For Tunisia and Panama, even if talent is present on the Tunisian side, we, in particular, think of Khazri, Slity and Sarfi, the march seems too high to cross. Panama, miraculously qualified, it seems, is designed for the zero point. Predicting qualifications does not make much sense in this group. As is known, Belgium and England should seize two qualifying tickets, but it is not yet clear who will finish first. Belgians seem superior to English in quality, but also as an individual talent. With the opening of games against Panama and Tunisia, Eden Hazard and others could take the lead over the British until the last day’s clash. Bet on first place for the Belgians.

Stage of elimination: quarter-finals (odds: 2.25)

Belgium will be the favorite to finish the top of Group G, and a victory over England in their final game will provide this place. They would be interested to see Colombia or Poland in the 16th round, and they would see that they are likely to meet with Brazil in the quarterfinals. Brazil may be too strong for Belgium, although at present they have their own “golden generation”. The previous tournament experience can help them now they have some under their belt, but Brazil should be enough to pass them.

Stage of elimination: quarter-finals (odds: 2.25)

Like their rivals from Group G in Belgium, England can fail in the quarterfinals when they meet a strong opponent. Having completed the runners to Belgium, they would have seen that they were facing old rivals in Germany, who should again come out victorious. Available 9/4 looks like a good price for England, which will be eliminated at this stage.

Stage of elimination: fourth in Group G (odds: 2.00)

They come to the World Cup as massive outsiders, and it’s hard to see how Panama gets something in Russia. Belgium and England will move from this group, and quotes of “Panama” for the finish from below signal about the status of losers.

Stage of elimination: third in Group G (odds: 1.82)

Like Panama, Tunisia will fall prey to two good teams in the same group as them. They should be enough to collect points when they meet in the final game, which means that third place should be with them with a small problem.

Group H – Poland, Colombia, Senegal, Japan
football world cup group h

Finally, in the last group of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, this is again a tight group, which is announced by teams of a similar level. In other words, the prediction promises to be complex. If Poland relies mainly on Robert Lewandowski to reach the second round, the Colombian duo James Falcao and Sadio Manet Senegal will rely on strong teams full of talent. Japan, trained by Akira Nishino, will also become a serious candidate and may surprise his world by well-proven against South Americans. In this open group it will be difficult to see how the team will get out of the others. In terms of disagreements, the most interesting thing for the game will certainly be something that is related to Senegal’s qualifications for knockout stages. Impressive during the qualifying tournaments, Teranga Lions will appear in the mask in Russia, as in 2002, when they reached the quarterfinals. With people like Sadio Manet, Idrissa Guey, Kalido Coulibaly and Moussa Sow, they have a good playing card anyway. It should not be overlooked when predicting the 2018 World Cup groups.

Stage of elimination: round of 16 (odds: 2.40)

Colombia in an incredibly open group H, but they would have had enough progress as winners. Regardless of whether they finish first or second, Belgium or England will wait for them in the next round and either they will be able to pass.

Stage of elimination: fourth in Group H (odds: 8.00)

They are part of this group as minor outsiders, and Japan can become a victim of competitiveness between the four teams. Japan can be found at 6/4 to finish the bottom, which can be so, given that they are the team with the lowest rating at some distance. The second game against Senegal can play a decisive role in determining who finishes where.

Stage of elimination: round of 16 (odds: 2.70)

Poland can be the highest team in this group, but I will support Colombia to move forward. The European side must still pass, but the struggle with Belgium is likely to see them. They have talented players in which the striker of Bayern Robert Lewandowski plays a terrific season in Germany, and 2.70 looks good with their potential World Cup course.

Stage of elimination: third in Group H (odds: 5.35)

Senegal is enough for them to take the third place in 5.35. Group H is likely to be the most interesting of all, and Senegal, which boasts a talented team, can play a role.

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